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    Sarah E.

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    As I will show, I have extensive academic training in variety of the natural sciences, as well as an interest and devotion to tutoring and teaching. I have B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I also served as a tutor for academic institutions, and private teacher and tutor for a variety of purposes including preparation for major tests (such as ACT and SAT). My education at Rose-Hulman emphasized rigorous training in mathemati...
    ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biochemistry, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, General Computer, Geometry, GRE, MCAT, Microbiology, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Organic Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, Praxis, Prealgebra, Precalculus, PSAT, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TEAS, Trigonometry
    Prepaid Fee:$32.00/hr
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    Elodie C.

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    Bonjour! I'm 26, I was born and raised in France and I would like to be a tutor to help anyone who wants to learn my beautiful language. I work as a full-time trainee in Muncie, so I can give some lessons during the week after 5pm (+ride) or during the week-end. In my previous job, I used to run professional training courses on new IT systems. I have always appreciated sharing my knowledge but I discovered I had teaching skills after several people gave me positive feedback on my pedagogy....
    Prepaid Fee:$40.00/hr
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    Michael S.

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    I currently work for KC Distance Learning as a mathematics instructor. My responsibilities include: Aid in the development and improvement of the company’s products by collecting and analyzing customer feedback and applying my background in mathematics and technology. Assist in the selection of mathematics instructors. Collaborate with corporate and local management and other instructors to solve problems in ways that satisfy the mission of our school and financial limits created by our budget a...
    Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Geometry, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Trigonometry
    Prepaid Fee:$24.00/hr
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    Amanda T.

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    Hello. My name is Amanda. I am interested in tutoring for several different reasons, most of all because I enjoy teaching. I have quite a bit of experience tutoring in the elementary age level through working/volunteering here in Muncie. I have also worked in two different day-cares, one in Muncie and one in Anderson, that both involved helping with homework assignment and reading after school. Although I have my primary experience in elementary tutoring, I have a huge passion for ...
    Anatomy, Biology, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, English, Geography, Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Psychology, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, Writing
    Prepaid Fee:$40.00/hr
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    Anna B.

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    I am currently a senior at Ball State University, majoring in French and geography (travel and tourism). I have spent extensive time in France as well as other parts of Europe, and enjoy the French language and geography as a whole! On a different note, I have a background in French to English translation, interpreting, as well as knowledge of customs, slang, and other aspects of French culture. As a tourism student, I study in-depth what makes places tick, as well as the social and cultural d...
    French, Geography
    Prepaid Fee:$32.00/hr
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    Pingping Z.

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    Hi, I'm a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. I'm from Harbin where people believe we speak the best Mandarin Chinese (even better than Beijing speakers). I have tutoring experience, even though I'm a undergraduate student in math education major. People who I have tutored are all older than me, because I'm only 19 now. But, My classes are really useful and interesting. I design individual lessons for each student according to their different ages and asks. The class is all for you! I understand ho...
    ACT Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Precalculus, SAT Math, Trigonometry
    Prepaid Fee:$16.00/hr
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    Sarah L.

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    Hi! My name is Sarah, I am a grad student at Ball State University. I have tutored as a volunteer for years since high school, and I currently nanny, where I help 2 children with homework everyday. Because of my major, I know a lot about ESL, language, speech, and English in general. However, I loved school and have knowledge about a broad range of subjects.
    ADD/ADHD, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Anatomy, Aspergers, Autism, Biology, Dyslexia, Elementary (k-6th), English, ESL/ESOL, Geometry, Grammar, Hearing Impaired, Literature, Nutrition, Phonics, Prealgebra, Proofreading, Psychology, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Sociology, Special Needs, Speech, Spelling, Study Skills, Vocabulary
    Prepaid Fee:$32.00/hr
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    Jutta V.

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    I am a native German speaker and a former world language teacher - I still hold a valid Indiana teaching license - with 10 years experience teaching in high schools and college. Being able to ask and answer relevant questions on a variety of subjects in a second language is essential in mastering the new language. My tutoring sessions are interactive with a focus on a practice of questions and answers on relevant topics, if students want to be able to engage in conversations as soon as possible....
    ESL/ESOL, German, Grammar, TOEFL
    Prepaid Fee:$32.00/hr
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