Get Practice Rocket Math Worksheets Online

When my daughters first started school, they simply had “timed tests” each week for arithmetic. We practiced using flashcards. A couple of years ago in our school (Fishers in the Hamilton Southeastern School District), they changed to the “Rocket Math” system and all of the parents went crazy. Why did kids have different targets? How are we supposed to know what to practice?

Thankfully, I found a set of free practice worksheets online that you can use either for your own kids or for tutoring others. They are paced almost identical to the Rocket Math sheets so that you just have to know what letter the child is going to be testing on next.

Check them all out at (along with a lot of other great math help). You will find them in the section called “Spaceship Math” and they have multiple variations of each letter so that you can test the kids with up to 4 different tests each night.

Each night I would just print out all 4. It only takes them a minute each so it’s not a lot of work. They even have the 2-minute tests that a lot of the teachers actually use for a grade. The practice sheets helped my daughters fly through Rocket Math and made homework time easy and predictable each night.

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