Using Tutors for Test Prep

Often when we think about using tutors we think about young children needing help with reading or high school students needing assistance with advanced math classes. A very common type of tutoring is test preparation. Whether you are preparing for ISTEP (Hoosier students), the SATs (high school students applying to college, or the LSAT (college students applying to law school), you can get a leg up in your test prep with a tutor.

By searching Indianapolis Tutoring Online for your specific zip code and the test that you will be taking, you can find local tutors in your area who specialize in those tests. We’ll tell you how much they charge, their credentials, and how far they are willing to travel. Simply enter your information into the search box and begin looking through the results. Once you find a match, email them through the secure system and they will respond with availability.

Below is a video made by a local SAT prep tutor teaching words that might appear on the SAT. You can see how a combination of traditional workbook/computer preparation combined with a tutor can drastically help a student’s understanding of the subject matter.

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